What happened that night?

I want to tell you about that night, if you're reading this. I had an aura like a migraine coming on, you felt that, too, didn't you? I assumed it was you because of the vibrations I had felt at work that day. I thought I saw you on my way home. That night I heard you (it was you, wasn't it?) outside my window, trying to get my attention. I felt starlight inside me, billions of stars lighting up underneath my skin, each one watching me as I began to walk sideways and found my keys were already in my hand. What happened that night?

I heard your voice outside this window

When I got in my car, I felt excitement in my heart, all of the Earth around me was humming at our frequency. The Earth was singing to us. I saw you run across the road. Who was with you?

My breath was so loud while I drove

A piece of you

A piece of you

The next day I found the landing site in the dead grass, I could still faintly hear your voices, but they were too quiet to understand more than what I already understand in my heart. I lay in the grass and looked up at our star, and I felt as though the stars inside me were tugging, trying to break free of my body and shoot back up to the sky. I heard your footsteps on the grass, but I didn't look.

Aftermath, a barren field